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After the collapse of the Soviet Union many of its associated institutions struggled to cope with the rise of Multi Drug Restricted Tuberculosis. Political Isolation, an underfunded health system, overcrowded prison system, poverty and lack of contemporary medical knowledge contributed to this rise within the Former Soviet Union. A documentary project looking at the Rise of Multi Drug Related Tuberculosis.

Water Protector.

Documenting the Anti Fracking Movement.

Shale Gas extraction or Fracking is a contentious issue in England, it is banned in Scotland, Wales, France and Germany.It is the subject to numerous health and environment claims in Australia and the USA where the industry has grown. The majority of the local population near Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire, did not want Fracking to take place at the KM8 site run by Third Energy. Despite numerous representations, the County Council approved a license to test for Shale Gas; a first such licence in the UK since a minor earthquake was caused through Fracking near Blackpool in 2012. A largely local and peaceful protest movement mobilised with the intention of preventing, delaying, exposing and protesting against Third Energy's activities. Ryedale was to remain 'Frack Free.' And so it did. Delays caused cost to increase; Third Energy now have to prove their financial resilience to the Secretary of State before proceeding. Throughout Yorkshire, Shale Gas licenses have been applied for. Companies such as Caudrilla have applied for exclusion zones against protests around their potential Fracking sites. Over the next few years companies such as Ineos, Caudrilla and Third Energy will use their political influence and financial might in an attempt to begin Fracking in the UK.


The Amazon

Travelling some 1100 kilometres by boat and 70k on foot through the Brasilian Amazon , FUNAI Official and expedition leader Bruno Pereira lead a team of Indigenous Marubo and Korubo people in search Brasil's uncontacted people within the protected reserve of Vale do Javari. The reserve was established, 1998, to protect the land from exploitation and create a lasting homeland for its people. It is one of the largest indigenous territories in Brasil and is home to some 6000 indigenous people, who share the land with 16 known isolated groups. There has been a history of mistrust, fear, and aggression between the uncontacted and indigenous tribes, but also one between the tribes themselves. A raid on a Marubo Village one month prior by two uncontacted men had created apprehension about their movements and intentions. FUNAI's aim was not to make forced contact but to to document their movements, possible shelters and to create a lasting working dialogue with the indigenous peoples within the reserve. For the first time Bruno Pereira created an expedition team of mixed tribal origins.

The Korubo people are known locally as 'The caceteiros' or Clubbers after their fearsome fighting methodology. They have been largely credited with maintaining the reserves untouched wilderness condition by defending it from illegal invaders during the last century and most recently the actions of the illegal logging and fishing.

The Marubo people are known for their diplomacy, large communal Malocas and sustainable plantations leaving very little impact on the local ecosystem.

Entry to the reserve is restricted, controlled and guarded at the head of the Rio Itui by the FUNAI base.


Citizen's of Our Time

A multi year collaborative, mixed media project aiming to create a archive of campaigners across the UK since 1997. All text is handwritten, by the campaigners directly, onto the print thus creating a unique single image.

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Ongoing portrait of a British Seaside Town

Young Girl Atalaia do Norte

Atalaia do Norte

Atalaia do Norte is the nearest town to the protected Amazon reserve of Vale do Javari, Brazil. It was also my first opportunity to start making images after a weeks travelling to the Amazon. 'Going for a 'walk' with the camera watching, seeing and meeting people is for me the beauty of this profession.