Published on the Web

Here are a few links to published video, multi media stories and slide show on the web:

Bono speaking about ONE organisation and AID Development. Filmed during an assignment in Tanzania. My very first attempt at video ! and part of thre films produced for The Observer.

Jamie Drummond CEO of ONE organisation speaking about Tanzania and AID development in Africa.

Bob Geldof member of ONE organisation speaking about Lobbying Presidents and World leaders

British Biologist Godfrey Merlin talks about his arrival on the Galapgos Island 40 years ago..

The Galapagos Island.

Britons Country Shows.

Scottish Young Offenders talk about crime, life and change.

Egypt latest struggle.

Lumiere Festival, Durham.

French Foriegn Legion prepare for Afghanistan.

A two minute Royal Wedding.

Seaton Delaval Hall 360 panoramic.